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!spawn AK

For sillybillys that don't know any real gun names


The AK-47 is an assault rifle that is commonly found in the player base, and it's chambered in the 7.62x39mm cartridge. It deals 37 damage overall (3x head, 2x Torso, 0.5x Limbs) with extremely high accuracy. It has a average reload speed and a high firerate.

Though there are downsides to it, one of those being that the AK-47 has high recoil, making it hard to eliminate enemies from farther ranges without needing to use semi-automatic fire, though being highly accurate can work.


The AK-47 can have several modifications attached to it, including the barrel, sight, under-barrel, other and the ammo. These can let the user add attachments to fit their personal preference of how they use the weapon.


  • The AK-47 should be used for close range and medium ranged encounters, as its high damage and fast firerate can easily suppress any enemy up close without any worry of the recoil causing any problems.
    • You can also take on large groups of unaware people with these factors in mind, just have to make sure that you can actually take them all out before they start shooting you.
  • Try to avoid using the AK-47 for long range combat, with the heavy recoil and damage drop you're better off with a sniper/semi automatic rifle instead.

Pros and Cons


  • High Damage
  • Fast Firerate
  • Decent Reload Time
  • Average Magazine


  • High Recoil
  • Ineffective at Long Range


  • The AK-47 is an actual firearm like most of the weapons in the game: Wikipedia Article
  • The reason for the AK-47's common appearance in-game is how iconic it is in real life, most people who are starting out with the command system will mostly lean towards the weapons that they already know exist than searching through the list.
  • The AK-47 is more accurate than all of the sniper rifles in the game.
  • The actual model in game is AKMN due to the muzzle device and dovetail (except the railed dust cover) mounted for nightvision scopes as seen. (People usually confused the AK-47 with its others variant).

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