Town (Roblox) Wiki

Bot Commands[]


  • !spawnbot <Tool> <Armor> - Spawn in a single bot with whatever weapon and armor you would like.
    • <Tool> <Armor> - After typing the bot's type, you can type the weapon and armor you would want to give it to. (For Gamepass armor and weapons, you'll need to buy that gamepass in order to give them to bots)
      • Example - !spawnbot NPC AK47 Tenor
  • !togglebots <T/F> - Typing this will change the bots' hostility.
    • <True> <False> - True will make normally hostile bots hostile and target players, False will prevent hostile bots from shooting other players.
      • Example - !togglebots false

Bot Control[]

  • !cleargibs - Removes dead bodies and ragdolls, does not clear dropped guns.
  • !killbots - Typing this will kill and ragdoll any alive bots.
  • !cleanbots - Typing this will instantly delete any alive bots. (Doesn't create ragdolls)

Wave Spawning[]

  • !spawnwave <Amount> - Spawns several Husk, Screamer and Watcher bots around the map that target players.
    • <Amount> - The number of how many bots will spawn. (Setting to a high number will lag the game!)
      • Example - !spawnwave 20
  • !togglewaves <T/F> - Spawns waves automatically
    • <True> <False> - True will make waves summoned at random, False will stop the waves from being spawned.
    • Aka, if the command is set to True, waves will be spawned with a random number of zombies at random.
      • Example - !togglewaves False
  • See a more detailed page about Waves here.


  • If a bot is given a melee weapon, it won't be able to use it.
  • Even if you toggle bot hostilities off, spawned bots will still gun you down.
  • If you spawn in a normal " !spawnbot npc ak VDV ", and you then type " !spawnbot npc ak VDV !spawnbot npc ak VDV " by mistake, The NPC will have no armor but will still carry a AK. And your normal NPC will start shooting bot without armor.