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The COM armor is a futuristic set that contains COM Head and COM Right Arm. Though unlike other armors, it does not come with any armor to the torso, which leaves the torso exposed.

If you want to use the set with a torso part, you'll need to take one from another set and put it on armor and is there for cosmetic purposes only, appearing to be a sheet of metal with a light blue gear symbol on it.


  • The COM is one of the few made up armors in the game.
    • It is also one of the only armors with neon parts in the model along side Rusky.
  • The clothing used for the armor is shared with the Tenor set, though recolored.
  • The armor set was added in response to a large raid some time in 2021, led by Spiderjockey999: a group of members at roughly 10pm EST attacked every server up at the time, demanding their own armor sets. This addition was made by GooberOne (source for this, Spiderjockey999 himself.) [EDIT AS OF 5/3/22, vandalism changed this section to "pino6006" or something like that. I will attempt to revert the vandalism as fast as I can.]