Town (Roblox) Wiki

This weapon is only able to be spawned in by purchasing the Extra Weapons gamepass.
!spawn cla


The Classic Pistol is one of the few "joke" (Highly Ineffective) weapons in the game, chambered for Nostalgia ammo. It has no recoil and infinite ammo making the pistol somewhat viable for close ranged combat.

However, it only deals 5 damage overall (2x Head, 1x Torso, 1x Limbs) with low accuracy, being extremely ineffective for long ranged combat.


The Classic Pistol cannot be modified at all besides the ammo and the player is forced to use the default sights and stats.


  • Try to use the Classic Pistol for close and medium ranged combat, long ranged combat is nearly impossible regarding the damage and that you cannot attach a scope.

Pros and Cons


  • Fast Firerate
  • No Recoil
  • Infinite Ammo


  • Very Low Damage
  • Cannot be Modified
  • Low Accuracy
  • Ineffective at Long Range


  • The Classic Pistol is one of the few weapons in the game that doesn't actually exist in real life.
  • It's the weakest weapon in the game, even dealing less damage than melee's and drone darts despite being a firearm.
  • It and the FAIL are the only weapons in the game that takes the Nostalgia ammo.
  • The Classic Pistol is the only weapon that doesn't have a 0.5x Multiplier for limbs.