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This weapon is only able to be spawned in by purchasing the Extra Weapons gamepass.
!spawn cow


The Cowboy Gun is a revolver that's chambered for .44 Magnum rounds. It deals 65 damage overall, (5x Head, 2x Torso, 0.5x Limbs) with fast firerate and fast reload which makes it effective for close to medium ranged encounters.

However, the Cowboy gun has high recoil, low accuracy and only 6 rounds before needing to be reloaded in which makes it highly ineffective for long ranged combat, only amplified by you cannot aim down the sights.


The Cowboy Gun can be modified in five ways being the barrel, grip, other, ammo and stock. These allow the user to customize and alter the stats of the weapon to their liking, If used correctly it can deal massive amounts of damage.


  • Try to use the Cowboy Gun for close to medium range only, as you can't aim down sights, it's nearly impossible for long ranged encounters.
  • Make sure to attach either a Red or Green Laser Sight onto the Cowboy gun, it'll act as a guide of where the crosshair is.

Pros and Cons


  • High Damage
  • Fast Firerate
  • Fast Reload
  • Mista From Jojo


  • Small Capacity (6)
  • Low Accuracy
  • High Recoil
  • Ineffective at Long Range
  • Hipfire Only

challenging and not challenging


covering hitbox (hard for aiming)

its high noon

not challenging

you can spam with it (trying to aim)


  • The Cowboy Gun's name itself is conjecture, but the model being used resembles the Chiappa Rhino.
  • Ironically, under the Cowboy Gun's cylinder is the text .357 Magnum, meaning that the gun's model could actually be chambered for .357 Magnum rounds, not the .44 Magnum that is used.
  • While it appears to be fully-automatic, the user is most likely fanning the hammer, making it fire as it dose in the game, it's most likely a semi-automatic instead.
    • Because of this, it's the only firearm in the game that cannot aim down sights and will only zoom further in the screen.
  • Somehow, you can attach a grip onto the Cowboy Gun and it'll give you the buffs without using it as you aren't even holding onto it.