Coyote Sight

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This Item will spawn into your Inventory (` Key) when being spawned in.


The Coyote Sight is an attachment that gives weapons 12.5% accuracy and -8% recoil. It also doesn't weigh much, only weighing 0.6lbs.

The appearance of the reticle is a red crosshair (As of newer updates, it has been replaced with a glowing red dot, other info is outdated. It also works well during the night now!) that cannot glow in the dark unlike the ACOG's arrow. Stats-wise, while its not much and even lower in stats compared to other sights, their benefits can be increased with others too.


The Coyote Sight has lowered FOV (50) and is mostly defective during the night, but other than that, it's all of the downsides to the sight.

Pros and Cons (tl;dr)


  • Increased Accuracy (50)
  • Lowered Recoil


  • Lowered FOV
  • Hard to see during Nighttime (Old reticle, Easy to see during the night with the new reticle.)


  • The Coyote Sight is most likely real though there are no Wikipedia articles on it. These optics are white label products that you can buy on amazon for cheap. No-one knows the true origin of this exact sight type, though possibly all these copy paste products derive from a certain ADCO red dot sight?
    • A part of the sight has Chinese text on it, the first half of it translates to "country". (Guójiā).
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