EOTech Sight

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This Item will spawn into your Inventory (` Key) when being spawned in.


The EOTech sight is an attachment that gives the weapon 10% accuracy and lowers its recoil by 10%.

The reticle is a single HWS. Stats-wise, it's really not much and/or noticeable on its own, but combined with other attachments in the game, it can make a big difference on the stats.


The EOTech has two downsides, the first being the lowered FOV and, like all sights, the needing of special equipment for it to be useful for nighttime use.

Pros and Cons (tl;dr)


  • Increased Accuracy (10%)
  • Lowered Recoil (-10%)


  • Lowered FOV
  • Hard to see through during Nighttime


  • The EOTech is a real-life brand of sight (Wikipedia Article (company, actual sight doesn't have a page.)).
    • Despite the reticle being able to be seen in the dark in reality, in the game the sight's reticle doesn't do this.
    • Despite these type of sights having battery life, the game most likely dose not actually represent this and even if so, the battery life on most holographic sights last up to a thousand hours which means you wouldn't be able to see it.
  • The buttons (most likely to increase/decrease brightness) on the sight cannot be pushed.
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