Town (Roblox) Wiki

This Item will spawn into your Inventory (` Key) when being spawned in.


The Hunting Scope is an attachment that gives the weapon 100% Accuracy and increased magnification.

The 100% Accuracy while making guns extremely accurate often isn't actually "spot-on" unless the weapon is a sniper rifle or an already accurate gun. With this, the increased magnification helps players see further into the map when aimed. The reticle appears to be a Mil-dot, though all rangefinders on it are unusable.


The Hunting Scope has a very low FOV of 2.5 and 50% Recoil.

Low FOV prevents the player from seeing anything that isn't through the scope when being aimed and, along with the recoil, makes the weapon used pretty unstable, especially for any firearm that fires in full-auto, but not that bad for semi-auto rifles.

Pros and Cons (tl;dr)[]


  • Increased Accuracy (100%)
  • Increased Magnification


  • Low FOV (2.5)
  • Increased Recoil (50%)


  • It alongside the CL6X Sight are the only scopes that give the weapon 100% Accuracy.
  • The Hunting Scope has the lowest FOV in the game.
  • The hunting rifle is best to use on sniper rifles, considering their both meant for long range.