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The L85A2 is an assault rifle chambered for the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge. It deals 34 damage overall (3x Head, 2x Torso, 0.5x Limbs). It has a fast firerate, average reload speed and high accuracy which makes it good for close and medium ranged combat.

However, the rifle has high recoil which in turn makes it ineffective for long ranged encounters.


The L85A2 can be modified in many ways, these include the sights, grip, barrel, other and the ammo. These can let the user add attachments to alter the rifle's stats to their liking.


  • Try to use the L85A2 for close and medium ranged combat when possible.

Pros and Cons[]


  • High Damage
  • Fast Firerate
  • High Accuracy
  • Average Reload Speed
  • Average Magazine Size


  • High Recoil
  • Ineffective at Long Range


  • The L85A2 is a real-life firearm: Wikipedia Article
    • The L85A2 is the only one of the SA80 family of firearms that are in the game.