Town (Roblox) Wiki

!spawn l9 OR !s l9


The L96A1 is a sniper rifle chambered for .308 Winchester ammunition. It deals 50 damage overall (6x Head, 2x Torso, 0.5x Limbs). With high accuracy and low recoil makes it preform well at long ranged combat.

However, it only has 5 rounds in the cartridge and along with that, a long reload speed. While the recoil is low, it doesn't matter when you need to wait for the slow firerate which in time you can adjust your aim.


The L96A1 has many useable modifications, and the most of any other sniper in-game. These modifications include the sights, barrel, other, grip and the ammo. The Picatinny rail allows the user to attach a scope for long ranged combat and others to alter the stats to their preference.


  • Try to use the L96A1 for long range combat only; the firerate is too slow for it to be effective at close and medium ranged encounters.
  • You should attach a few things to the sniper to make it more useful such as scopes to see further into the map
    • Flash Hider is also a useful attachment as other snipers can spot you when you fire.
    • Suppressors aren't much of a help when there's constant gunshots and when you're most likely using the rifle at long range to begin with.
    • Always put on a Hunting Scope (or other scope) when sniping.
    • !setspawn l9+hu+gr+bi+co Is recommended
  • Hitting anywhere but the head wont instantly kill the enemy, even hitting the torso won't leave the enemy downed