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The Laptop is a computer that is the only item in the game that is able to summon spydrones to find players without getting spotted.


The Drones however can do NOTHING. You can make them kill themselves by shooting them in the hole. keys and the normal WASD keys to move in all directions, and you can tilt the screen by putting your cursor over the edges of your screen. Using the drones you can basically scout out your surroundings or try to interact with other players, though this isn't

you're near the ground. Another interesting feature the Drone has is the alarm (R), it'll play a loud noise which can bring the attention of multiple players or can be used to just annoy others. And it features a toggleable microphone (Y) which can be used to speak to other players. After done with use, you can press left click to disconnect from the drone.

While it doesn't do much, the Drone can also fire a dart at enemies by pressing T, and it'll fire where the cursor is pointing at. It doesn't damage any limbs and damages the actual HP of the enemy but it can be used to neutralize already weakened targets or enemies that are AFK or just completely unaware.


The Downsides to the Drone is its extremely weak HP. It mostly takes only a few shots just to knock it down. Another being the heavy amount of screen noise that you can't get rid of, and even if you survive a shot, it gets worse and the screen gets more harder to see. And along with this, the Drone is horrible offensively without a massive fleet as the darts it fires deal a weak amount of damage and even if you get a couple of them off you'll most likely be gunned down. They also have a painfully slow firerate too.


  • Try to avoid other players unless you know for sure that it's safe. Most players will fire at the drone so avoiding contact is a good idea
  • Unless you need too, avoid using the alarm as it can attract unwanted attention to your location.
  • If your hit and still are alive, it's best to disconnect the drone and start another as the screen noise is much worse than before.

Pros and Cons (tl;dr)[]


  • Flight/Fast Speed
  • Great for Scouting
  • Great for distractions
  • Great for trolling


  • Low Damage
  • Slow Firerate
  • Low Health


  • The Drone appears to be a regular drone with a few modifications such as darts, a camera and a flashlight strapped onto it.
    • There also appear to be two sets of propellers on the drone including ones below the camera and ones that are above it, though the ones below do not actually move while the ones above do.
      • And for some reason, the ones above do not appear to be attached to anything but it still manages to drag the device up in the sky, somehow.
  • You can use the NV Goggles before opening the laptop to use the drone with the night vision ability, making seeing in the dark much better than using the flash light given.
  • If the drone is zoomed in before death, the user's screen will remain in that state which can be only undone by using the drone and zooming in (and out) again.
  • If the User kills a enemy with a headshot, their head will literally disappear.
  • When shot with any weapon, the part where the drone was shot will appear to be bloody, even though drones can't bleed.