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The Admin/Mod guns are guns commonly used by moderators or private servers , to spawn those weapons you have to be an admin in a private server and say !mspawn or !ms , this may be the few lists that actually has the mod guns

1. Portal gun

The portal gun , unlike other guns , cannot harm or aim , with LMB and RMB you create portals , this gun was based on the hit game Portal by Valve

Portal gun.png
Portals that came from the portal gun.png
Portal gun

The portal gun shoots 2 portals , if a player or bot goes in the portal , it gets teleported to the other side of the portal , this does not work with vehicles or items (It works with vehicles, if a player is in the said vehicle, after they drive into the portal. However, most of the time, you'll just teleport to the null zone)

2. M134D-H

Known as the mini gun , the M134D-H is a low damage and fast gun , can easily kill groups of players , its bullets do not penetrate on riot shield


The M134D-H does 15 damage per bullet , has 200 ( 1 more bullet if you reload it again ) bullets per mag , has a fire rate of 1714.29 , an accuracy of 20 , a recoil of 0.2 , reload speed of 3.75 , weights 35 lbs and cannot have attachments

3. Horror


Horror is a helmet that looks like a rock with ores that change colors , it is the strongest helmet you can get with a armor of 1.e+44 and weights 22lbs , it changes your screen to a random color for a second after wearing it This is because you always see what you wear and the horror helmet glows

4. Guardlock


The guardlock is a neon looking pistol , it gives 90 damage per shot and shoots 3 bullets per click , holds 9 shots per mag , works like a pistol shotgun , it can only have Lower attachments , but doesnt seem to work on any attachments for now , it can penetrate on riot shields

5. Shock Baton

Shock Baton.png
Shock Baton

The shock baton is a melee weapon , it makes star wars lightsaber sound effects when swinged and stuns the target until it jumps , And it does about a quarter damage.

6. HK416 but its in toolstoragemod

HK416 but its in toolstoragemod.png

There's no difference between it and a regular HK416. Its just a HK416 in toolstoragemod.

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