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This Item will spawn into your Inventory (` Key) when being spawned in.


The NV Goggles (Night Vision) are goggles the player can equip. It gives the user's screen a green tint and amplified brightness which allows the user to see much better than before during nighttime, which can give them a direct advantage against others who don't. They're also useful in dark rooms, including ones that are pitch-black, even in the daytime. It doesn't weigh much, only 1.5 pounds which gives the user enough inventory space left for usual loadouts along with the added benefit of night vision. To spawn it, simply type "!Spawn NVG". To equip it, open your inventory, select it, close your inventory, and click anywhere on the screen.


The NV Goggles while useful in the night, are completely unusable in the day and will display mostly neon green and the only the ground/players/walls close to you will be somewhat visible, but it's still a better idea just to take the goggles off. They also provide no armor, so your head wont have as much protection as it would wearing a helmet.

Pros and Cons (tl;dr) некита попуск[]


  • Amplified darkness with green tint (NVG effect)
  • 1.5 pounds. Very lightweight.


  • Quite literally impossible to see during the day.
  • A relatively noticeable green flare can be seen in the dark.


  • The NV Goggles do exist in real-life (Wikipedia Article), and appears to be based off PV7 Gen3 Night Vision Goggles.
  • Using (old) NV Goggles in day time usually resorts in the goggles being destroyed and in some cases literally burn your eyes, luckily this isn't shown in the actual game though is still near impossible to use during the day.
  • Glitches allow the NV Goggles to be used with other items such as Drones.
  • Every scope and sight is compatible with the NV Goggles, meaning you do not have to take off your NVGs to aim down your sights in-game.