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The P226 is a pistol chambered in the .40 S&W cartridge. Dealing 20 overall damage (5x Head, 2x Torso, 0.5x Limbs). It has a fast firerate, quick reload, average accuracy, recoil which makes it effective for close and medium ranged encounters.

However, it has a below average (Compared to all guns, larger for most pistols) magazine size considered to other guns in the game and like most pistols it's ineffective for long ranged encounters.


The P226 can be modified in several ways, these include the sights, barrel, grip, other, ammo and the stock. With this, the user can upgrade/alter and customize the weapons stats to their liking.


  • Try to use the P226 for close or medium ranged combat encounters only and move in closer on enemies that are too far away.

Pros and Cons


  • High Firerate
  • Quick Reload
  • Moderate Damage
  • Moderate Magazine Size


  • Ineffective at Long Range
  • Below Average Magazine Size


  • The P226 is a real-life firearm: Wikipedia Article
    • Its unknown of what variety of the P226 is the one in the game.