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This armor is only able to be spawned in by purchasing the Donation gamepass.

!spawnarmor ru


The Rusky armor is a set that only contains the Rusky Head And Clothing.


The Rusky Head gives the user's head 100 extra health, making it able to withstand multiple shots to the head. It appears to be a helmet and a gas mask but the lens are a neon white.

This head piece also has an ability that prevents the player's username from being seen by other players.


  • It's unknown where the Rusky set was referenced from, though it's most likely made up.
  • It's the most powerful armor (for the head) in the game.
    • Even with a Headshot with a Barrett won't kill the user.
  • Along side COM, it's the only sets that have neon parts.
  • The writing on the armor, "фСб" translates to FSB. Which is the Russian federal security service.
  • It's currently the only armor in the game that requires a gamepass to be purchased.