Town (Roblox) Wiki

!spawnbot sc

This is a Bot, only able to be spawned in by moderators and VIP server owners.


The Screamer is a bot that follows the player and are covered in rust. While not given weapons or armor, they'll instantly kill the player if they manage to land a hit with a much faster walk speed and will move around when idle.

While they can be given firearms through commands, they don't spawn with any when a Wave is spawned, unlike the Watcher.


The Screamer will run towards players when nearby and attempt to hit them. Similar to the Husk, their melee attacks can be avoided by just walking away.


  • Alongside the Husk and Watcher, they're the only bots that spawn when a Wave is summoned.
  • Occasionally, the bot will admit a screaming sound effect, hence the name.