Town (Roblox) Wiki

dear god there's another update x3

I believe I'm going to stop editing and working on this wiki now (for real this time, probably)

I'll come back every now to reply to comments and stuff, but I don't want to edit/create for a few main reasons, some more obvious than others and blah blah blah

1: The owners do not exist, and this wiki entirely depends on the editors to keep it moderated.

Its quite easy to notice after some time, how the main page has remained the same and how the owners haven't edited anything in years (I haven't checked so I might be wrong but whatever) The main issue with this is moderation, which anyone can edit anything to whatever they desire. Luckily the rare active editors revert the edits, in which thank you for making this wiki maintained for what it is.

I don't want to waste more of my efforts to work on this wiki if the chance of all of it being erased entirely is shadowing over me.

We also cant edit the main page to make the wiki more presentable, or most of what the owner can usually do like making it easier to find pages through whatever that where the "Wiki Content" thing is at the forever blue hotbar? That could be customized but we literally cant, along with several other things.

2: I'm just done man

The personal shit starts here look away

Starting on this wiki was a great experience for me to learn formatting and how to use the tools that Fandom provides, so I can proceed to make even better pages or even start my own wiki one day, but creating pages for the same game and the constant repetition of the pages can really get boring? Dumb reason but hard to explain like every apology video to graze the planet haha.

Even after being banned from the game for half a year, I still don't want to work on this wiki, not sure what's that about even from what I would like to call a nice forced break.

3: I'm busy watching anime

that is all

I mostly put this here if anyone was wondering where I went and why, which is rare but might happen.

And to the people who still work on this wiki, thanks for everything.